How to create a PS3 wallpaper (HD)

Resources you need:

How to with dowloaded profile:
  1. Download the "PS3 Wallpaper Profile" from above.
  2. Start WallpaperGenerator and goto Options -> Profile Manager
  3. Import downloaded profile from step one. [more about profiles]
  4. As the profile will be imported you have to insert the right file paths to the images you downloaded above.
  5. Leave the dialog and select the "PS3_Wallpaper"-Profile in the right-upper corner. [more about profiles]
  6. Create Wallpaper

How to create your own profile
  1. Go to Options -> Options
  2. Under wallpaper size, choose "use own Size" with an width of 1920 and an height of 1080
  3. Go to background an choose "Background Image" and select your downloaded background image.
  4. Go to effects and add ImageEffects/Logo to the "Effects on Wallpaper" list. [more about effects]
  5. Select your downloaded XMB template, set Scale Factor to 1 and X-Position and Y-Position to 50.
  6. The rest of the options is up to you, for a effect similar to above choose an ChaosWallpaper with 20 pictures and overlapping disabled.

Have fun with your own PS3-Wallpaper.


by Markus Fußenegger 2008-04-20 Get WallpaperGenerator at Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads